Saving Your Heart

Sometimes people fall in love but just meet at the wrong time period in their lives.

I think about this a lot with one particular guy Jacob. We were the two, the ones everyone shipped and no one except for the other girls that liked him too. Now in my life time it had been about 7 months since my mom died and his, he was starting to think about sex and jacking off all the time. I guess my struggles were a tiny bit harder than his. I was constantly running in the opposite directions even if I knew they loved me too much. And he was apart of that. I broke up with him 4 times because I was scared and didn’t want commitment but you weren’t as scared and wanted it. You said you didn’t like me for my body but I was pretty silly to actually believe it. Maybe there are good guys that don’t want me for my body. But I haven’t met any yet. I left him that final time because I was falling and so was he. And when you love someone you have to make sacrifices for them. I left him because I wasn’t good enough for him, I kissed his best friend in Jacob’s own house!  He didn’t deserve a girl like me going and ruining everything for him. But even now, 6 months after we’ve been over, I still love him and sometimes I still want him back, but I can’t have him, because I can’t say those 3 words to him. I just dont want him to say No.


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