365 days

Do you ever stop and think about how there are 6 billion people on the planet, and your 1 out of 6 billion? Well that’s a fact. People all around the globe go through highs and lows just like you. And do you ever stop to think there are 7 seas? Or 7 continent? Out of all this world, one person can change how you feel, how you present yourself, what you do as a job profession, what college you go to or even who you marry. Just one person can change your life and your emotions. If you were to stop and look how you’ve changed someones life and how you make someones day bright or gloomy, how your changing others lives around you. Simple words can break someones heart or spirit, but it’s up to you, you’re in control, so don’t let those simple words crash someone around you because it will happen right back at you.


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